IceMen Insights Podcast #209:
Back By Popular Demand

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As the slumping IceMen prepare to tackle the stretch run and fight for a playoff berth, “IceMen Insights” returns from its extended hiatus and delivers over an hour of online-exclusive analysis and nonsense! In this week’s episode…

Derick and I discuss all of the injury and roster woes that have played a big role in the team’s recent downward spiral, Evansville’s records with and without Josh Beaulieu, Tristan King’s concussion problems and when he may return, Dylan Clarke’s performance, Kellan Tochkin loving Evansville, the team’s chemistry during the slump, and what the IceMen need to do to make the playoffs.

This week’s topics also include the story behind Matt Krug’s suspension, having the best “good,” shootout improvement, hitting the “rookie wall,” Nathan Moon’s radio color commentary, Elmira’s Bellamy brothers, Brian Patafie needling Todd Robinson (again), another Skate Down Memory Lane, and a look ahead at upcoming IceMen games.

In addition, we offer up a second installment of our new segment called “Hockey 101,” aimed at helping fans better understand the nuances and idiosyncracies of hockey. We discuss how teams handle line changes, why you can’t change lines after icing the puck, and the importance and process of skate sharpening.

Plus: Ivy makes a hilarious cameo, Derick flips Shocker off, Math Is Hard, an “Airplane” reference, beating up on Ryan Huff, Derick sitting on the lawn in his underwear, Flanigan the “Irish stud,” meeting an Olympic silver medalist, NHL 14, inflatable pink flamingo can holders, scoop on the trivia-riffic 3/17 edition of “IceMen Live,” Derick’s televangelist voice, March Madness, “Double Dare” slime, hurting your “no-no touchy place,” and a song for St. Patty’s Day!

To download and listen (MP3 format), simply click below!

Episode 209 – Mar. 12, 2014 (1:24:38 – 77 MB)

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  1. Patrick McBrian says:

    Well Shocker I finally beat the system here at work. They have a lock on our internet so tight I doubt even Joshua Franklin could crack it. Your site always came up as blocked/restricted.

    Lately i have been looking to save on bandwidth at home. Yes I waste a lot of bandwidth looking at things I should not but that is beside the point ;-) I contacted my IT department in India and requested the block from your site be removed for “Critical Business Services”. They have lifted the block and I can now download the show at work and listen at home via my trusty company issued media stick.

    The only down side is you might have to purchase some industrial motors once in awhile. They are on average 1000HP and about the size of a school bus. They cost about $100,000.00 each. We can negotiate this part later.

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