IceMen Insights Podcast #212:
Unplugged (Literally)

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The IceMen have officially been eliminated from post-season contention, but “IceMen Insights” is alive and well with another hour-plus of online-exclusive analysis and nonsense! In this week’s episode…

Derick and I discuss last weekend’s 3-in-3 road trip, how last year’s season-long struggles compare to this season’s hot start and subsequent meltdown, whether or not the IceMen will remain affiliated with Columbus and Springfield, and the futures of Jeff Pyle as IceMen coach, Josh Beaulieu as Evansville’s captain, Matt Krug on defense and Garrett Bartus in net.

Topics of conversation also include why Jeremy Langlois probably will NOT be named ECHL Rookie of the Year, Krug’s chances at winning ECHL Defenseman of the Year honors, breaking the code at Guy Lepine’s expense, our usual injury and transaction report, another Skate Down Memory Lane, an update on the Birds and the BJs, and a look ahead at the final weekend of IceMen games.

In addition, we offer up another installment of “Hockey 101,” aimed at helping fans better understand the nuances and idiosyncracies of hockey. We discuss the difference between forechecking and backchecking, why goaltenders come out of the net to play the puck, and how the trapezoid affects goalies and scoring.

Plus: Racing the dwindling laptop battery, Derick rooms with a popular IceMen player on the road, Coach Pyle stirs things up in Florida, starting a game with one team already ahead 1-0, getting half-naked on the ice, a fight in the stands, Derick’s memory is all screwed up, cleaning up with shovels, Maniacs go bowling, whip it out, ideal cities to live in, Guy Lepine’s kittens, taking on the “Quings,” pronouncing “Benigni,” Ivy makes another cameo, and MORE COWBELL!

To download and listen (MP3 format), simply click below!

Episode 212 – Apr. 9, 2014 (1:09:55 – 64 MB)

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