Beginnings – A history

Given the drama of yesterday, I wanted to explain a little bit more about how this came to be. I know I’m drawing some attention from the IceMen management (110 hits from an Ellis Park IP address and another 88 for a Road Runner account in Kentucky, and someone who came in from a domain lookup – yes I’m nosy) so I know there’s some hubbub going on and at least one person wants to know who’s behind it. So just to make sure everyone is clear, it’s me, Dixie, aka Gibbie, aka your booster club president.

Having a website for the Booster club is not a new idea. I’ve had it since day one really. The hold up had been hosting space and time to maintain it. There was also some question as to whether it were really necessary or just a waste of bytes. The upside was a space we could control on our own without having to go through anyone at the team and email addresses we could use without having to spread our own through cyberspace (BTW mine is now ). The down side was as mentioned costs and time.

The cost issue resolved itself a few weeks ago. As my web hosting was coming up for renewal I went looking to see what it would take to host multiple domains. I’m looking to get some freelance work going and wanted to home for my wannabe business. (Shameless plug, go visit Halberium Design). I discovered that I could convert my existing account to a new platform and host an unlimited number of domains. WOOOOOOOOOO! So I spent my summer break between classes redesigning my personal site, creating my business site and setting up one for Mr. Gibbie. I then turned my thoughts back to running a booster club page. As I mentioned in my first post, after I posted my business blog to my facebook page, a fellow Maniac asked when I’d blog about the IceMen. It was an intriguing idea. I wasn’t going to to do it on my professional site, that’s meant to be just for design, but I could register an IceMen domain and do it there. I’d intended to approach my Booster executive committee with the idea later in the summer. When Shocker came to me and told me the news about the web change on the main page, I decided the time to act was now and registered on the spot.

Why? Because I knew that once the website was in the hands of a professional group it just wasn’t going to be as easy or maybe even not possible to get booster club information updated on demand. Because you see before all I had to do was drop an e-mail and ask and it would get done. Now I’ll own right up to the fact that we didn’t exactly use it a lot before, that goes back to the time thing. But I want to ability to be able to and as my school loads slows down, I have more time. I’d also been planning to work on my dynamic booster content  before the new season with things like data resources for players and what not. So rather than have to worry about asking someone I don’t know at a company I’m not familiar with that might actually bill the team for time, I set up my own page that I could control. I included this blog so that I can ramble on from time to time. And Shocker pitched in to help out. I hope he doesn’t regret having done so, I know it’s caused him a bit of drama, it’s not what we’d intended at all.

So that’s the story of how came to be. I hope you’ll stick around and see how it shapes up in the future.

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