Let’s Lure Blues Fans to Evansville During the NHL’s Lockout

St. Louis is just 3 hours away from Evansville. I’m sure that a fair number of folks reading this have driven to “The Loo” a time or two, be it for a Blues or Cardinals game, a visit to the St. Louis Zoo or the Gateway Arch, or any number of other reasons. It’s a great city with a ton of cool stuff to do.

I’m not delusional enough to claim that Evansville is on par with St. Louis as a tourist destination. Still, there’s a lot to like about our fair city, and we have a lot to offer for folks who choose to pay us a visit.

So with that in mind, I wrote a piece for StLouisGameTime.com aimed at luring Blues fans to Evansville during the NHL’s lockout. It obviously promotes the IceMen as a centerpiece, but also gives some love to other fun stuff to do around town.

Perhaps we can get some Blues fans to come over for a game or two while the NHL keeps fighting over its millions, and maybe we’ll create some new IceMen fans and regular Evansville visitors in the process.

So please give the article a read, and feel free to comment on it in order to help the cause!

Top 11 Reasons To Visit Evansville During the Lockout

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