IceMen Insights Podcast #105:
D, D, and more D!

As the IceMen continue to struggle, “IceMen Insights” continues to grow. We’ve got nearly an hour of IceMen talk this week, and it’s loaded with “D” words – drama, discipline, dedication, “Doc” Emrick, dump and chase, defensemen playing forward, dropped gloves, and even “Don’t Stop Believing.”

Derick and I tackle the controversial “goaltender interference” goal from last Wednesday’s game against Greenville, NBC’s Mike “Doc” Emrick calling the IceMen/Komets game last Friday, Saturday’s dramatic win over South Carolina and the 6-on-3 kill at the end of the game, discipline problems and putting the referee in a position to make a call, Rich Kromm flooding the lineup with defensemen while benching Dan Gendur and Tyler Shelast, and the IceMen players’ dedication and hard work (even on “off days”) in an effort to right the ship.

We also throw the Evansville Courier & Press under the bus for its lack of IceMen coverage, respond to a listener request to further explain Kromm’s puck-possession system and the “dump and chase” concept, discuss the revolving door between Evansville and our affiliates, examine some revealing stats that illustrate how roster instability affects chemistry and on-ice success, and take a shot at the IceMen bandwagon jumpers with “Shocker’s Hockey Rock Song of the Week.”

Plus: Mark Cody’s role, Rob Madore and Josh Beaulieu heating up, Trent Vogelhuber’s development, previewing upcoming games, countdown comedy, an IceMen version of “C’mon Man,” and Derick Benigni’s “mancrush.”

To listen to this week’s podcast (MP3), simply click the link below!

Episode 105 – Nov. 14, 2012 (55:16 – 50.6 MB)

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About the Show

“IceMen Insights” is produced by and Evansville’s “Real Alternative” WYIR (96.9 FM “The Wire”), offering IceMen fans a FREE weekly podcast about IceMen hockey. It is hosted by WYIR’s Derick “Dirty D” Benigni and Webmaster and Senior Writer Michael “Shocker” Shockley, and typically lasts 30-45 minutes (give or take).

“IceMen Insights” is generally recorded on Tuesdays and originally airs as part of WYIR’s “Amusement Park,” a weekly show featuring hockey talk and arena rock that airs from Noon to approximately 2:30 PM (CT) every Wednesday on 96.9 FM and (The “IceMen Insights” segment usually airs at around 1 PM, and is then made available on on Wednesday afternoon or Thursday after its debut airing on WYIR.) Visit our Podcast, Video, Photos & More page for a complete archive of “IceMen Insights” episodes. The podcasts should play fine on virtually any computer, laptop, tablet, or portable MP3 player.

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