IceMen Insights Podcast #108:
This is The Show That Never Ends…

The IceMen are riding some positive momentum after a couple of big wins at home, despite a record number of injuries. Meanwhile, “IceMen Insights” is setting records too, with our longest episode yet…

This week, Derick and I discuss the team’s back-to-back home victories last weekend, Josh Beaulieu’s strong play, Dan Gendur’s recent improvement, some good news on the injury front, more IceMen roster moves made by the Blues and Rivermen, Rich Kromm as a teacher, Dylan Clarke’s potential, and what Allen York’s arrival means for the future of the IceMen goaltending platoon.

Other topics include the death of a former IceMen player (seriously), Star Wars Night jersey auction results, black players in IceMen history, ongoing issues at the Ford Center, busy nights in Downtown Evansville, and the possible end of a streak that dates back to the inaugural season of IceMen hockey.

Plus: Sissy hockey player names, Saturday’s 4th Annual Teddy Bear Toss, the “arrow attack” at the end of last week’s show, penalty box hecklers, Derick’s new haircut, a “Shocker’s Hockey Rock Song of the Week” dedicated to Stephen Rickard, trying to send Brad Perkins to the All-Star Game, and a new end-of-show sign-off inspired by Brian Patafie!

To listen to this week’s podcast (MP3), simply click the link below!

Episode 108 – Dec. 5, 2012 (1:18:20 – 71.7 MB)

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About the Show

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“IceMen Insights” is generally recorded on Tuesdays and originally airs as part of WYIR’s “Amusement Park,” a weekly show featuring hockey talk and arena rock that airs from Noon to approximately 2:30 PM (CT) every Wednesday on 96.9 FM and (The “IceMen Insights” segment usually airs at around 1 PM, and is then made available on on Wednesday afternoon or Thursday after its debut airing on WYIR.) Visit our Podcast, Video, Photos & More page for a complete archive of “IceMen Insights” episodes. The podcasts should play fine on virtually any computer, laptop, tablet, or portable MP3 player.

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