IceMen Insights Podcast #119:
Watching the Wheels Fall Off

The IceMen are incredibly short-handed and reeling after an ugly weekend of multi-goal losses, but “IceMen Insights” is still healthy and again clocks in at over an hour…

This week’s topics include last Thursday’s fun-filled victory over Toledo, the team’s subsequent shellackings on Saturday and Sunday, the worst losses in IceMen history, when to make a goalie change in lopsided games, the defection of red-hot Kevin Baker, Oliver Gabriel shaking off the rust, and our weekly IceMen injury and transaction report.

Derick and I also discuss who foots the bill for travel necessitated by affiliate transactions, keeping things in perspective and not taking the IceMen for granted, rumors about Indianapolis joining the ECHL marking the start of “Silly Season” in the minor leagues, a “Tragic Number” update (it’s down to single digits), and the upcoming week of IceMen hockey.

This week’s episode also features the world premiere of a brand-new segment, “Ivy Insights” – starring Derick’s adorable daughter. Ivy not only professes her love for one of the “IceMen Insights” hosts, but also sings the IceMen goal song. It’s only about a minute long, but you don’t want to miss this!

Plus: A “Real Men of Genius” about our Zamboni driver, popping the question at a sporting event, mining diamonds in Kevinsville, firing up the Shockinator 7000, irony with Alanis, Kelly Miller in studio, the fragile mind and fabulous hair of Pier-Olivier Pelletier, Derick is verklempt, and inflamed vaginas!

To listen to this week’s podcast (MP3), simply click the link below!

Episode 119 – March 6, 2013 (1:05:10 – 59.6 MB)

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About the Show

“IceMen Insights” is produced by and “The Music Bomb” WYIR (Evansville’s 96.9 FM “The Wire”), offering IceMen fans a FREE weekly podcast about IceMen hockey. It is hosted by WYIR’s Derick “Dirty D” Benigni and Webmaster and Senior Writer Michael “Shocker” Shockley, and typically lasts 45-90 minutes (give or take).

“IceMen Insights” is generally recorded on Tuesdays and originally airs as part of WYIR’s “Amusement Park,” a weekly show featuring hockey talk and arena rock that airs from Noon to approximately 2:30 or 3:00 PM (CT) every Wednesday on 96.9 FM and (The “IceMen Insights” segment usually airs at 1:00 PM, and is then made available on on Wednesday afternoon after the completion of its debut airing on WYIR.) Visit our Podcast, Video, Photos & More page for a complete archive of “IceMen Insights” episodes. The podcasts should play fine on virtually any computer, laptop, tablet, or portable MP3 player.

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