IceMen Insights Podcast #121:
Going Down with the Ship

Programming Note: Don’t forget to tune in to the first-ever “Amusement Park After Dark” post-post-game special on Saturday night (March 23) after the IceMen home finale. When Terry Ficorelli’s official post-game show ends on WEOA, we’ll go LIVE on-air on 96.9 WYIR and online at Derick and Shocker will be joined by Stephen Rickard and perhaps another special guest or two, and we’ll be taking questions and comments on Facebook via the Maniac Asylum!

As the IceMen season nears its conclusion, this week’s jam-packed “IceMen Insights” clocks in at nearly 90 minutes in length and is perhaps our best episode yet…

This week’s topics include the team’s 4 games in the past week, Todd Robinson’s departure and the resulting fan response, Daniel Tetrault’s hot streak and his new role as team captain, projecting Dylan Clarke’s final goal total, Phil Plante’s struggles, first impressions of James Reid, Zoltan Hetenyi’s arrest in Georgia, and our weekly IceMen injury and transaction report.

Derick and I also discuss this season’s captain hierarchy and captains throughout IceMen history, “Silly Season” and the unsure future of the Peoria Rivermen, the Ford Center’s continued problems with keeping doors closed, termination of penalties when a 5-on-3 goal is scored, how an SPHL rule affects the ECHL, the St. Patty’s Day jersey auction, recycling jersey numbers, and the upcoming week of IceMen hockey.

In addition, I throw Derick under the bus for last week’s audio problems and for his off-the-mark rant about the IceMen office dropping the ball on fielding a full roster. This sparks a good discussion about fans “crossing a line” with IceMen players and staff by berating them about on- and off-ice issues, and how player/staff availability has changed since the team’s days at Swonder Ice Arena.

Plus: A “Real Men of Genius” about hockey “experts,” handing out fake awards, keep it simple stupid, bedpans in the penalty box, leftover “Pink the Rink” t-shirts, Derick is an egotistical diva, memories of Dominik Hasek, signing elephants, putting things in the wrong hole, Shocker sings and makes “The Price Is Right” sound effects, Honey Boo Boo, jerks and d-bags and rotten bastards, Derick touching Stephen Rickard’s testicles, our Maniac Madness bracket contest, and a “Shocker’s Hockey Rock Song of the Week” that Hulkamaniacs will love!

To listen to this week’s podcast (MP3), simply click the link below!

Episode 121 – March 20, 2013 (1:26:19 – 79.0 MB)

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