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“Amusement Park After Dark” [Aired 3-23-13]

Programming Note: “IceMen Insights” will return on April 17. Until then, please enjoy this FREE bonus podcast and also check back next week for the final 2 installments of our 3-part season-in-review series. (Click here to read the first story.)

Our first-ever “Amusement Park After Dark” post-post-game special originally aired on 96.9 WYIR after the IceMen home finale on March 23. The “IceMen Insights” boys (Dirty D and Shocker) were joined in-studio by none other than “the man with the golden pipes” himself, Stephen Rickard!

It was late at night and we were all feeling a bit punchy, so things got a little crazy at times. Stephen sang some John Fogerty and also showed off his radio ventriloquism and flaming-testicle juggling skills, Derick did the “I Got A Feelin’” dance, Shocker sang Derick’s high-pitched “Real Men of Genius” part, “that’s what she said” was uttered more than once, and dreamy Jason Dale’s name repeatedly got the “puck bunny” treatment.

On a more serious note, we reflected on a long and often-frustrating season and discussed the added importance of “the show” when the team is struggling on the ice, positive camaraderie within the team’s season-ending roster, Rich Kromm’s non-stop coaching, and the IceMen year-end awards – including a good debate about the team’s Rookie of the Year.

Another major topic was where to find players for next season, and who to bring back from this year’s team. What is Josh Beaulieu’s prognosis? Does James Reid have a future here? Do you take the risk of bringing back the Gens brothers despite their health problems? Who would you choose to keep on defense between Matt Krug and Jake Obermeyer? And do you lock up AHL guys like Nathan Moon and Trent Vogelhuber so they remain our ECHL property?

We also talked about the incredible growth of hockey in Evansville, the “IceMen family,” and how valuable assets like the Ford Center and the IceMen Maniacs are with regard to recruiting players. In addition, we had some “breaking news” as two IceMen players were called up to the AHL while we were live on the air.

Plus: Stephen talks about the Icicles and wearing Captain Icicle Holly’s trademark boots, Derick wants to see a red-headed Icicle, Shocker nominates Stephen as “IceMen Volunteer of the Year,” Aaron Naphan misses Evansville, dreaming about hosting a multiple-overtime playoff game, taking photos with the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders, discussing the only people who have attended every single IceMen home game, and Stephen’s (real) 15-sided house (a.k.a. “The Pentadecagon”)!

To listen to the podcast (MP3), simply click the link below!

Amusement Park After Dark – March 23, 2013 (1:25:03 – 77.8 MB)

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