IceMen Insights Podcast #127:
Longest. Show. Ever.

Next Scheduled Broadcasts: August 7 & 14

After over a month off, “IceMen Insights” has finally returned with the longest show ever – more than TWO FULL HOURS of analysis and nonsense…

Derick and I discuss IceMen player signings, controversial trades that turned out to be the right moves, players in the Blue Jackets system and the organization’s goaltending depth chart, making a run at signing Brett Sonne, the apparent retirement of Brian Bicek, the 2013-14 IceMen schedule, and the future of the ECHL All-Star Game.

This week’s topics also include NHL Free Agent Frenzy, trades and compliance buyouts, the reckless stupidity of NHL GMs, the “newfound stability” of the Phoenix Coyotes, the bright future of the Nashville Predators, butchering Valtteri Filppula’s name (again), wrapping up the 2013 edition of “Silly Season,” and the conclusions of the NHL and AHL playoffs.

Plus: The debut of a fun new segment (“The Maniac Asylum Lunatic of the Week”), mispronouncing “Vezina,” a musical shout-out to our listeners who are Blackhawks fans, over-paying for “Euro Trash,” Derick fails miserably at “jersey number math,” crazy frogs, “a whole lot of man,” blowing our wad too soon, the awesomeness of TSN SportsCentre, “Copa Cabana,” the Phoenix Coyotes, Seth “Swee’Pea” Jones, Clutterbuck and Clitsome and Semin (NOT attorneys-at-law), a place that’s more ghetto than East St. Louis, the Hockey Hall of Fame and kissing the Stanley Cup, Canadian drivers are insane, fries with gravy, Klondike Pucks, and how to spend over $400 million in a single day!

To listen to this week’s podcast (MP3), simply click the link below!

Episode 127 – July 10, 2013 (2:06:27 – 115 MB)

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“IceMen Insights” is generally recorded on Tuesdays and originally airs as part of WYIR’s “Amusement Park,” a show featuring hockey talk and arena rock that airs from Noon to approximately 2:30 or 3:00 PM (CT) each Wednesday on 96.9 FM and (The “IceMen Insights” segment usually airs at 1:00 PM, and is then made available on on Wednesday afternoon after the completion of its debut airing on WYIR.) Visit our Podcast, Video, Photos & More page for a complete archive of “IceMen Insights” episodes. The podcasts should play fine on virtually any computer, laptop, tablet, or portable MP3 player.

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