IceMen Insights Podcast #201:
Starting Season 2 on a High Note

Next Scheduled Broadcast: Oct. 23

The Season 2 premiere of “IceMen Insights” is absolutely loaded with well over TWO HOURS of analysis and nonsense, including a new podcast-exclusive bonus segment…

Derick and I discuss the signing of Allen York, the returns of Nathan Moon and Andre Bouvet-Morrissette, promising new guys, players sent from above, the “controversial” releases of 3 popular defensemen, why Matt Bissonnette didn’t make the cut, and the future of training camp surprise Robbie Vrolyk.

This week’s topics also include our season predictions for the IceMen, huge defensemen, the new, the upcoming IceMen TV special, an aptly-named update on Columbus and Springfield, a look back at the first-ever IceMen game, and what’s on tap for Saturday’s home opener.

In addition, Episode 201 features the debut of “Overtime,” our new podcast-exclusive bonus segment – and it’s over an hour long! (If you’ve already listened to the on-air portion of the show, “Overtime” by itself is available below as a separate download.) Derick shares a ton of interesting details and scoop from inside IceMen headquarters – purchasing new radio equipment, the evolution of “IceMen Live” (now with Audience Q&A), a mountain of paperwork during training camp, the mood in the IceMen office, and some cool changes to the IceMen game-night presentation. We also talk about Guns & Hoses Hockey and unsportsmanlike conduct therein, IceMen goal songs old and new, the 2-referee 1-linesman officiating system, Derick fearing for his life while working as a linesman during the Blue & White Scrimmage, and more about Coach Pyle and the IceMen roster.

Plus: An all-new “Real Men of Genius” spoof, math is hard, a new segment featuring really bad Canadian accents, peanut butter on hamburgers, sloppy seconds, cornhole for a good cause, dump and chase minus the chase, taters and testicles, swinging from trees, it’s time to play the game, Ivy has a crush on one IceMen player but is scared by another, more Derick pronunciation problems, tight units, and blowing your wad too soon!

To download and listen (MP3 format), simply click below!

Episode 201 with OT – Oct. 16, 2013 (2:25:17 – 133 MB)

“Overtime” Bonus Segment Only (1:18:59 – 72 MB)

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About the Show

“IceMen Insights” is produced by and “Wired” 96.9 FM (Evansville’s WYIR), offering IceMen fans a FREE regular podcast about IceMen hockey. Airing weekly (as schedules allow) during the season and also occasionally during the off-season, the show is hosted by IceMen play-by-play broadcaster Derick “Dirty D” Benigni and Webmaster and Senior Writer Michael “Shocker” Shockley.

“IceMen Insights” is generally recorded on Tuesdays and originally airs as part of WYIR’s “Amusement Park,” a fun-filled show featuring hockey talk and arena rock that airs from Noon to approximately 2:30 or 3:00 PM (CT) each Wednesday on 96.9 FM in Evansville and online worldwide at The stream can also be accessed on virtually any computer or mobile device via or the TuneIn radio app – just search for WYIR!

The “IceMen Insights” segment usually airs at 1:00 PM and typically lasts 45-60 minutes (give or take), and is then made available on on Wednesday afternoon after the completion of the “Amusement Park” on WYIR. The online edition also includes a podcast-exclusive bonus segment called “Overtime,” featuring inside scoop from IceMen headquarters, straight from “The Mouth of the IceMen” himself.

Visit our Podcast, Video, Photos & More page for a complete archive of “IceMen Insights” episodes. The podcasts are presented in MP3 format and should play fine on virtually any computer, laptop, tablet, or portable MP3 player.

Feel free to shoot Shocker an e-mail (send it to and put “IceMen Insights” in the subject line) if you have any comments or questions about the show, suggestions for topics of discussion, or questions you’d like us to answer during the next episode. You can also drop us a line on Facebook via Derick’s page or Shocker’s page. In addition, fans are welcome to chime in over on the Maniac Message Board!

We would like to thank the fine folks at Orthopaedic Associates for joining us as a sponsor for Season 2. Orthopaedic Associates is the official orthopaedic care provider for the IceMen. They offer walk-in orthopaedic urgent care at their offices in Evansville, Newburgh and Henderson. For more information, visit

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